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Roulette: History And Basic Rules


Roulette is from the French word “roelete” which means “little wheel.” It comes from the Latin word “rota” which means “wheel.” The average roulette betting system revolves around the betting table. It is a popular online casino game because it is very exciting and easy to play. With modern technology, dreamgaming ดาวน์โหลด is now very convenient.

A short history of roulette

A man in search of a free energy device invented Roulette in France. It was very primitive then.  Soon it adapted to have similarities with other online casino games. Roulette did not change a lot since 1796 besides some advances in the roulette wheel. One of the biggest changes to factor in is technology and design.  It makes roulette spins less predictable. There was an earlier primitive explanation of the roulette wheel. It was that the green pockets are for the casino. When the ball lands in it, the casino wins and all the players lose. The green pockets are no different from any other pockets. They have the same odds and probabilities.

Earlier versions of the Roulette only had red and black pockets. The addition of green pockets was to avoid confusion. A German casino introduced the European style roulette wheel in the mid-1800s. It has a single green pocket. The purpose of this was to compete with the other casinos.

Various versions of roulette wheels are now used. Some have fewer numbers and some have more numbers.  There are two most prominent wheel versions. These are the American 00 and the European single-zero wheels.

The game of roulette used to be illegal in America. Cheating became rampant. After some time, gambling on roulette spins became legal in America. The cheating by both players and casino operators stopped.

Basic rules and play of roulette

Roulette has different betting options. It is very easy to understand and learn even by beginners. There are two main types of bets. The inside and outside bets. The outside bets include larger clusters of numbers. Smaller clusters are usually included in the inside bets. As well as individual number bets.

There are minimum and maximum bets for each roulette table. The minimum ensures the casino space around the betting table with profitable losers. The maximum prevents the casino from losing large amounts of money. Especially from wealthy lucky players. A roulette table with no betting limit gives no assurance that the player will win. This is contrary to popular belief that they will win if they continue to increase bets after losses. The player cannot have an unlimited bankroll. They will end up losing unless their strategy evades the house edge.

Each round starts with the dealer announcing, “place your bets.” Betting chips are then placed on the betting table. The dealer starts the rotor. The dealer spins the ball in the opposite direction of the rotor. The rotor is the internal and spinning part of the wheel containing the pockets. The players can continue to place bets until the dealer calls, “no more bets.” This is usually after 4 to 5 ball revolutions.

The dealer places a marker or the Dolly on the betting table in the position of the winning number. The losing bets are all removed by the dealer using his or her hand or with a rake. The dealer then proceeds to payout winnings which are in the form of casino chips. These are often placed next to each individual winning bet. The winning number is also displayed on an electronic board called the marquee. It usually displays the last 15 or so winning numbers.

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